When is the next Mango?

When Mango is finally released in America in 2019, the answer will most likely be no sooner than the summer of 2020. Mango’s makers are confident the footwear will be popular in the U.S., but they’ve been careful to keep their eyes peeled for competitors.They know that American consumers don’t like

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Why you need to make sure you wear a good shoe

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#bitcoinwars continues as #BitcoinWales struggles to recover

The Bitcoin Wars continues as the UK government seeks to outlaw Bitcoin on the basis of its lack of transparency, its use of digital currency, and its use as a platform for terrorism.The British government is set to ban Bitcoin as part of a crackdown on the cryptocurrency in the

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What’s in these shoes?

Loved the shoes I bought for my wife and daughter.They fit them perfectly, they’re stylish and they have a great value.However, they have one flaw.The soles of the shoes have holes and that’s where I find my fault.I could not find a better pair of shoes that fit them very

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Bzees shoes to go on sale tomorrow

By Kate Bostock-HollandIn December, a group of Australian women shoe manufacturers announced that they would be introducing a range of women’s basketball shoes to the market.In the last few months, several women’s shoe manufacturers have introduced their own versions of women and men’s basketball footwear, including Jambu and Bzees.But it’s

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Why the US should consider banning French ‘saxon’ shoes

SACRAMENTO (AP) A California woman says the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal lawsuit against the makers of French-made shoes, claiming they violate women’s civil rights and violate the privacy of people with disabilities.Lizanne Sturgess-Schwarz, a professor of women’s and gender studies at the University of Southern California,

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Sport shoe for the ladies, women’s character shoe for men

The sport shoe for women may be a bit more of a surprise, but the shoe for sportsmen is no less exciting.We know the men’s and women’s soccer shoe market is shrinking, but there are a number of high-profile brands that are pushing forward with new models, new styles, and

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How to wear a pink pair of heels without wearing a bra

The next time you walk down the aisle, you might find yourself looking at the pink shoe you’ve just purchased.The new fashion trend is called ‘pink heels’, and it involves getting a pair of pinkish-red shoes made out of a material called “sandalwood” (or ‘sandal’ in some places) that is

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Which Canadian shoe stores are worth the extra cash?

It’s been a long time since Canada’s shoe and shoe accessories business has been profitable.But there are some big names still out there that are still making money in Canada, and they’re the ones who might be the ones you need to know about.Here are some of the Canadian shoe

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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