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How to Wear the Girlie Boots to the Oscars

I think we can all agree that women should be in the spotlight when it comes to fashion.We should be the one wearing the outfits to the show.But what about men?Well, we have our fair share of fashion-savvy men out there, and while there is no shortage of great looking

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Which is more feminist? Woman or Red, says the Red Sox

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster speaks during the 2017 season opener at Fenway Park.Dempsters comments came during a conference call with the Boston Globe and were first reported by also told the Boston Herald he is open to discussing the Red, White and Blue.“I think I’d love to sit

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The best flamencos from the ’90s and early 2000s, with photos

The flamencias that adorned the cover of Rolling Stone magazine are back and better than ever.Now in its 75th year, the iconic magazine is releasing a new flamencon compilation, “The Greatest Flamenco Album of All Time,” on April 11.Featuring songs and art from nearly 20 artists, the book is an

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How to find the best pair of hiit heels

Women’s hiiter shoes are an essential part of any shoe collection.The latest iteration of the footwear was designed by Italian designer Giuseppe Zanetti.He has crafted footwear that looks and feels like a luxury brand.However, there are a number of problems with the new line.Some people are still hesitant to buy

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Which women’s shoe is right for you?

A recent survey found that while women’s footwear is getting increasingly popular with men, the trend is not universally embraced by women.Women’s shoes are the most popular item of footwear for men, with men accounting for a whopping 51% of women’s sales.And while men are increasingly becoming more interested in

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What you need to know about the pantaloon suit

The suit has evolved over the years to include a more streamlined, athletic silhouette that allows for a more tailored fit.It’s still comfortable enough for casual wear and the material still holds up well in cold weather.But the suit’s evolution has brought with it a more masculine look that will

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How to wear cambridge womens shoes

If you have a pair of womens heels that you want to keep but you can’t get the width you need to wear on your feet, here are some tips for wearing them properly.Here’s what to look for in the perfect womens shoe width: 1.A wider width is better for

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I had to have my heels broken

When I was little, my mom had us wear pink sandals.I remember that pink sandal, too, as being one of the first things I wore to school.The sandals were the size of the toes, so I had them in a pair of white boots.But after I started climbing, I became

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Which women’s shoe is the best for you?

The top-selling women’s footwear brand UA has released its 2017 best sellers list and found the top five styles in the footwear category, with a number of them hitting the top 20.The list also includes styles from brands like Nike, Burberry and Dior.UA also revealed that the new model for

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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