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A look at women’s footwear styles in Australia

Australian women’s shoe maker Inkkas has released a new range of women’s sneakers inspired by Jungla, an ancient Buddhist and Hindu sacred text.Key points:The range of shoes features the silhouettes of the Buddha and Devi from the Jataka of the MahabharataThe shoes are made in Australia and feature the designs

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What is the story of the new Trump clothing line?

The new Trump collection is about to get a new name.The line is named after the president and has been described as “feminist and masculine,” but the actual line is still being worked on.The new clothing line is being called “Made in America,” and it has been named after Ivanka

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How to Buy the Right Men’s Mountain Boots

GDT has been making shoes for decades.The company’s women’s brand, Freetown, is named for a mountain range in Liberia.GDT’s women-only collection, Fetch, features a few of GDTs classic models.But there are a few more women-focused brands, too, like The Wombats, and a few new ones.Some of the women’s brands that

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How to get better at wearing women’s footwear

Women’s footwear has been the stuff of fashion magazines and commercials for decades, but how do you know if you’re a modern-day classic?The answers to those questions may surprise you, but we have compiled some of the most important tips and tricks to getting the most out of your modern-time

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When Gwen Stefani drops the Gwen Martens shoe collection

Gwen has a new shoe collection for the spring season.According to Gwen, it will feature new women’s and men’s shoes from her beloved Gwen and Gwen’s New Shoes.The new collection will be released in May.In addition to the new shoe line, Gwen will also be launching a new line of

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How to dress for an awkward wedding

There are a lot of wedding dresses, but how to dress your wedding day is something everyone can relate to.So we asked two women in the wedding business to share their top tips and tricks for choosing the right wedding dress for your wedding.The dresses and shoes they chose to

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How to win at the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl

It’s that time of year again.This time around, the NFL is putting on a party for all the women’s leagues.It’s called the Women’s 13WW Shoes.Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out on the festivities.Read More…

How to spot a good pair of rudskins

The best pair of hiking boots can be found on the trails, hiking with the family and at a party.A ruddy pair of boots can show up as a stylish accessory or just a stylish pair of shoes, but the real trick is to look for a pair that are

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The Murray women´s shoes are all over the place

The Murrays are back in fashion with their new women’s shoe line.The brand, which was founded by comedian Murray McKenna, was inspired by her favorite colour, black.“Murray was a real artist and I wanted to do something that I would wear when I’m not at work,” Ms McKenna told“I

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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