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Why are the women’s shoe industry so important?

The Academy of Women’s Own Shoes is a global organisation of women’s rights activists.Founded in 1872, it has a mission to promote equality and to support the rights of women.Academy Women’s Shoes CEO Julie Eames says the organisation was formed to combat sexism in the shoe industry and its impact

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What to wear for your next cycling event

The sport of cycling is changing and evolving, so you might not see as many women’s cycling shoes on sale as you used to.And there are plenty of new styles to explore as the sport continues to grow.The new and innovative styles are the result of women’s interest in cycling.Here

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What is a “donor shoe” and why does it need to be made?

Women are becoming increasingly more interested in shoes in a way that has not happened before.This is largely due to a change in consumer tastes that has been driven by the rise of digital products such as the Apple Watch and the likes of Amazon Prime, and the introduction of

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How to buy the most beautiful women’s shoe in the world

You know you’re in the right place when a company that prides itself on its high-quality materials pays homage to the 1950s with a collection of beautiful women brand’s shoes.The brand, known for its classic silhouettes, is known for creating shoes that are both fashionable and practical.The brands name comes

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Woman’s shoes: Woman’s dress shoe with goat motif

Woman’s Shoes – Women’s Shoes: The Women’s Dress Shoes – The Goat-Sidis – Goats and Sirens and Goat-Wears are all inspired by nature.It is a woman’s life, it is a part of her.A symbol of the spirit, it speaks to her innermost feelings.These styles are made for comfort, style and

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Aussie fashion blogger takes aim at women’s shoes

Australian fashion blogger Sophie O’Brien has gone after the way women’s footwear are designed.O’Brien, who recently made a name for herself by tweeting about women’s fashion trends, has previously written about how she felt compelled to share her thoughts on women’s shoe designs.In an article for Australian Fashion magazine, she

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Darco Women’s Shoes Get the ‘Hands on’ treatment

Darco women, who are the fastest growing segment of women’s footwear market in the world, are gearing up for a new wave of marketing that will see them get the full-blown hands on treatment in 2017.Darco is making its first foray into the footwear industry this year by opening its

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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