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Women’s zigsaws and bodysuits are hot right now, but what about your other wardrobe staples?

Recode’s Peter Kafka has some advice for women looking to make the transition to their next wardrobe staple: Wear skirts.It’s time to take the plunge and wear pants.And you know what?Pants.They are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Women wear skirts for a few reasons: they’re practical, flattering, and they make

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Australian women’s shoe sales up 7% this year, with sales up 10% in 2017

Women’s footwear sales in Australia rose by an average of 7.3% in the last financial year to an annual rate of $8.1 billion, according to research firm Wollongong-based shoe and shoe industry data provider Footwear Brands Australia.The figures represent the first year-on-year increase in women’s footwear since 2009.In 2017, the

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How LeMons shoes and zig tech shoes will change the way you wear them

Posted April 02, 2018 06:13:46With the rise of smartwatches and smart shoes, women’s footwear brands are slowly moving away from their classic silhouettes.Now, however, they’re starting to experiment with more interesting, new silhouettes, including the Z-tech shoes and womens zig technology shoes.LeMons has been the face of women’s fashion for

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Why women need to dress like a man to stay at home

Women’s flamin’ shoes are a must-have accessory for any home and have helped millions of women avoid having to leave their homes for work.However, these women’s shoes don’t come in every color, size, and material, so you need to look for something that’s the right fit for you.This article will

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What is the world’s cheapest pair of men’s shoes?

Women’s shoes are one of the most popular purchases for most shoppers, but the price of the footwear can go up as much as 5,000% if you’re a woman.Here are the top 10 lowest-priced women’s shoe brands.1.Orthofeets (Men’s) Orthofeeets, the world leader in orthofet manufacturing, sells a range of products

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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