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When Gwen Stefani drops the Gwen Martens shoe collection

Gwen has a new shoe collection for the spring season.According to Gwen, it will feature new women’s and men’s shoes from her beloved Gwen and Gwen’s New Shoes.The new collection will be released in May.In addition to the new shoe line, Gwen will also be launching a new line of

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Which women’s shoe is the best for you?

The top-selling women’s footwear brand UA has released its 2017 best sellers list and found the top five styles in the footwear category, with a number of them hitting the top 20.The list also includes styles from brands like Nike, Burberry and Dior.UA also revealed that the new model for

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‘It’s not just about the shoes’

Modern women’s shoe has always been a symbol of sophistication, elegance and style, and has been a staple in the modern-day market since the 1960s.It is a shoe made with high-quality materials and a comfortable fit, which is why we love to see it on our feet.But what makes this

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When to wear Khombu’s shoes

Khombus are a very popular shoe in India, and we have been wearing them in India for a long time.So why are they such a fashion trend here?The answer is simple, the shoes are made with Khombua, a tropical plant.The plant is also used in some cosmetics and jewellery products.These

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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