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Why are the women’s shoe industry so important?

The Academy of Women’s Own Shoes is a global organisation of women’s rights activists.Founded in 1872, it has a mission to promote equality and to support the rights of women.Academy Women’s Shoes CEO Julie Eames says the organisation was formed to combat sexism in the shoe industry and its impact

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Female-led group wants ‘cultural capital’ in the Middle East

The United Nations Women’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (EWSCWA) has called on Arab countries to create a “cultural capital” for their women.“There is a need for women’s leadership in the region, particularly in the Arab world, to be more prominent in the governance of the region and

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Women’s Nike and Adidas Footwear Releases 2018: The Year In Review

Overstock.com, the world’s largest online discount retailer, has unveiled its 2018 Fall/Winter 2018 lineup of women’s sneakers, shoes, and accessories.The brand also announced its 2018-19 Fall/Summer 2018 lineup for men’s footwear, women’s accessories, and more.Read More , which includes a wide selection of Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour shoes, as

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Which pair of shoes is best for men?

The question of which pair of men’s shoes is the best for you is not a new one.For many men, the question is whether they can afford the price tag.While many brands are now offering price-tags, the majority of men are still stuck with their older pair of footwear.Here’s a

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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