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How to make your own black and white-print women’s shoe

It’s easy, really.Just cut out a few square-inch pieces of fabric, cut them out to fit around your shoe, and sew them together with thread.You’ll need two sets of shoes, one for the top and one for your bottom.You could also cut out an entire pair of shoes for your

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How to tell if a player is really a Duke player

The first time I saw Duke women’s hoops, I had no idea who the star was, and I was still unsure whether or not she was a member of the team.I was just happy to see her there and enjoy watching her.But when she played, the story of her career

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Which shoes will you buy this summer?

I will never buy a pair of shoes with “no-name” on them again.I think the worst part of it is that I bought shoes with a lot of names on them.So now when I see a brand that I don’t know and it has an “I Am” on the front,

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#bitcoinwars continues as #BitcoinWales struggles to recover

The Bitcoin Wars continues as the UK government seeks to outlaw Bitcoin on the basis of its lack of transparency, its use of digital currency, and its use as a platform for terrorism.The British government is set to ban Bitcoin as part of a crackdown on the cryptocurrency in the

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Duke women’s shoe sales up for the first time in three years

Duke women in tennis shoes will sell out on opening day, a spokeswoman said Friday, in a bid to boost demand for shoes that have helped win the national championship and be sold at retailers like Target and Walmart.The spokeswoman said Duke is selling out of its first-generation women’s tennis

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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