WATCH: Women wear women’s footwear to work

Women who have recently had to deal with the stress of working in male-dominated industries are looking for new ways to get around.

Here are some ideas for getting around with the comfort of a pair of men’s shoes.


Wear women’s skirts.

“There is no better way to get to work than to wear a skirt, right?” said Katie Mott, a fashion blogger and social media personality.

“Wearing a skirt is an essential part of what we are supposed to be doing and it’s something we can all relate to.”


Wear a women’s blazer or dress shirt.

“The only time a man is allowed to be wearing a blazer is when he’s wearing a dress shirt, so a blazers look perfect for that,” said Jennifer Stelter, founder of, a site dedicated to all things dressy and fashionable.

“If I can get a dressy blazer, I think that would be awesome!”


Buy the same style of women’s skirt as men’s.

“I would suggest wearing a pair that matches the skirt,” said Danielle Loomis, who runs the popular Loomism blog.

“Don’t go crazy and buy one that’s too short or too tight or too large.”


Buy a pair made by the same brand that’s worn by a woman.

“When a woman wears a blouse or skirt, the men’s dress shirts or blaziers are designed for a larger, fuller bust, and I think a similar look is also a good fit for women’s dress shoes,” said Stelzer.


Buy men’s and women’s accessories.

“This is the ultimate comfort solution,” said Laura Riedel, the founder of the fashion website MOMO.

“All you need to do is buy the same thing you’d buy at a store, but with the help of an accessory.”


Make a dress with women’s underwear.

“For women’s tops, the best solution would be a pair with either a thin, feminine skirt or a tight-fitting skirt,” Rieder said.

“As long as you get it at a size that doesn’t come at the waist, it’s easy to swap it out for the same size of skirt you already have.”


Buy dress shoes.

“Men’s shoes are traditionally meant for the top half of the body, and for women, they are meant for that part of the back,” said Loomi.

“These heels are a great way to make sure you don’t look like you’re wearing a skirt.”


Wear different styles of shoes.

A pair of shoes with a wide, high heel is a great solution for walking around in a dress.

And if you do have to walk around in heels, just don’t forget to pair them with a skirt.


Wear gloves and a face mask.

“A face mask or gloves are a very effective way to protect your hands and face from the elements, and also to avoid the spread of germs that can be spread through contact with sweaty or contaminated surfaces,” said Dr. Mary Beth Mott of The Body Shop.

“It also reduces the risk of getting sunburns and the possibility of getting the flu.

A glove or face mask is a more practical way to stay safe and cool in the heat.”


Buy women’s and men’s boots.

“Boots are perfect for running or jogging, but I think you could also pair them to casual clothing or casual wear for a different look,” said Mott.

“You could wear a pair to a wedding and still look good without having to make a huge change to your style.”


Get in shape with a men’s or women’s boot.

“Whether you’re a woman or a man, you need a good pair of running shoes to keep you active,” said Liz McDaniel, founder and president of the fitness website FitnessBoom.

“Having a pair on for everyday activities like jogging or walking around town is also good for keeping you warm.”


Make your own sneakers.

“Make your own pair of sneakers, just like you would with any other pair of boots,” said Riedels.

“Try a pair from your closet that you like and make a new pair each time you’re out on the town.”


Find a good tailor.

“Do your research and look for the best fit for your size, so you can find a tailor who can make the best pair of heels or shoes for you,” said McDaniel.

“Find a place that specializes in high-end shoes and make sure to get a quality pair.”


Shop at a women-owned store.

“At a store that carries designer and high-quality clothing, you can’t go wrong with a pair or two of women-made boots, dress shoes, and accessories,” said S.J. Schmitz, founder,

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