Gani Hissi, a former national team coach, is an ambassador for the United States, his wife says

A retired Indian cricket captain, Gani Hirsi Ali, who once represented the country in the Women’s World Cup, is calling for an end to the “pervasive” discrimination against women in the sport.

The outspoken sportsman, who had led the women’s side in the World Cup finals, said on Sunday that she had come to terms with her “difficult” decision to leave the sport, but she wanted to call for an immediate end to discrimination against female players.

“I have to come to grips with the fact that there are many more men than women playing the game of cricket in the country,” Ali told The Associated Press.

“It is something that I have had to deal with for a long time, but I am determined to make the world a better place and for all those who are still struggling to make it.”

Ali’s decision came a week after she wrote to US President Donald Trump calling for a “complete overhaul of the gender pay gap”.

Trump has pledged to address the issue in the upcoming budget, but Ali told AP that he would not act without her input.

“My message to the US President is clear: if you don’t act soon, I am sure that women in India will continue to suffer in silence,” Ali said.

We are just like them.” “

We should never forget that we are not only women but women too.

We are just like them.”

Ali is not the only prominent sportswoman in the US to call on Trump to take action to end discrimination against the country’s women.

Former US women’s team coach Barbara Bumgarner also wrote to Trump, calling for him to “come to grips” with the gender gap in the workplace and ensure that women are paid equally.

Bumharner’s comments drew widespread condemnation on social media, with many athletes, including US tennis player Serena Williams, saying they would boycott the 2018 Olympics in Brazil if the issue is not addressed.

“For all of the athletes and the fans, the decision of Bumar to skip the Olympics is a direct message to all of you,” Williams said.

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