‘Feminist’ women are being ‘hacked’

Feminists are using their social media accounts to target and harass women, a new report by Women Against Hackers shows. 

The hacktivist group revealed the new trend Monday, saying it found more than 5,000 accounts that used the hashtag “feminist” to attack women and their appearance, which was the third-highest number among the most popular hashtags. 

“The feminist trend is an extension of the misogyny that pervades our society, and its use is an attempt to undermine the women’s rights movement,” the group said in a statement. 

It said its members were also “hacking” “female-owned businesses, social-media platforms, and individuals who promote gender equality, including celebrities, politicians, activists, journalists, and teachers.” 

In the U.S., the most prolific hashtag in the hacktivists list was #FeminismIsForWhitePeople, which used to get more than 50,000 hits per day before it was shut down after hackers found it was a bot.

The hashtag was revived by the #FreeTheNipple campaign, which has been trending on Twitter since last year.

The hack group said it is also targeting women who speak out against sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

They say that, by using their platforms to target women and harass them, they are attempting to discredit women’s efforts to make a positive difference. 

Their tactic includes targeting women’s businesses, Twitter accounts, websites, and blogs, as well as women’s personal information and photos.

They said their goal is to use this information and information of other women to make the case that feminists are a monolithic group that is trying to destroy the women who make progress for all women. 

Many of the hacked accounts are created in a way that is similar to what hackers do on Twitter.

But some of the accounts have more in common with “bot” accounts that use a computer program to spread misinformation and propaganda. 

Some of the hacking groups also appear to be targeting female politicians.

The most popular target in the list is US Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), who was hacked on Monday.

He has been targeted by a number of the hack groups, including the hacker group “The Right Stuff.” 

He’s been targeted with a number that include a campaign of harassment, including being labeled a “fag” and a “bitch,” and being accused of sexual harassment. 

A video of the “faggot” video shows him being called an “asshole” and “bastard,” which the hacker says was “taken from him.”

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