Aussie fashion blogger takes aim at women’s shoes

Australian fashion blogger Sophie O’Brien has gone after the way women’s footwear are designed.

O’Brien, who recently made a name for herself by tweeting about women’s fashion trends, has previously written about how she felt compelled to share her thoughts on women’s shoe designs.

In an article for Australian Fashion magazine, she shared how she decided to write a post on women in fashion about shoes design, and said that she wanted to highlight some of the differences between men and women’s designs.

“We’re not going to talk about gender equality in footwear, but we’re going to be talking about what it’s like to be a woman in a shoes design.

I want to talk to you as a woman, because we can all feel like the shoes we wear are part of a wider system of oppression and sexism, and it feels like it’s never stopped,” O’Briens said in the article.”

It feels like women are still under a lot of pressure to look good in their shoes and I think this has led to the idea of what is considered good and what is not.”

In a follow-up piece on Twitter, O’Connor said that there was an issue with the way footwear was designed.

“Why aren’t men or women wearing shoes with their own names on them, when women can do that with their clothing?” she asked.

“The only thing that’s really good about women is their shoes, and the only thing men need to wear are their pants.”

O’Connor has also taken aim at the fashion industry’s response to the controversy.

“I think a lot is about self-preservation, so when a woman has been criticised for her shoes, it’s all about that,” she wrote in a follow up piece for the magazine.

“People will defend your shoe, even if it’s wrong, even when it’s embarrassing.

They’ll say it’s the best of both worlds, and they’re just making you feel good, because they know you want to look like you.”OBrien also spoke about the “social media backlash” against the women’s designers she has come to admire.”

Every time I see something sexist, or misogynistic or mean, I get a lot more angry about it,” she said.”

Women’s designers have a much more nuanced view of what it means to be beautiful than men’s designers do.

It’s more nuanced than the gender of an image.

It doesn’t have to be just the colour of a shoe.”

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