What to know about the new ‘Trump’ hats and shoes from Macy’s

It’s hard to imagine the Trump hat or the Trump shoes were designed by women.

The president-elect has already been accused of sexism and misogyny, and his actions have been widely criticized for years.

However, a new collection of menswear at Macy’s has created a lot of attention for a president who is so frequently accused of being sexist.

Macy’s announced the “Make America Great Again” hats on Wednesday.

The hats are meant to reflect Trump’s support for workers’ rights and “family values.”

The president has been a big fan of the fashion and has tweeted his support for the fashion industry.

Macy has also announced a number of Trump-inspired shoes and accessories, like the “Macy’s Made America Great” baseball cap.

Some of the Trump-themed mens shoes include the “Donald J. Trump” boots, which have “Made in the USA” written on the sole.

“It’s a very special moment for me and for my family,” Trump told The Associated Press on Wednesday, when asked what he thought of the hats and the shoes.

“The hats are a very beautiful tribute to a very, very special person,” he added.

The “Made America Great!” hats were created by designer Jonathan Cushman.

“We were inspired by the idea that President-elect Trump is one of the few politicians in America who has been so consistently pro-worker and pro-family,” Cushmann said in a statement.

“This hat represents that very sentiment.”

Macy’s had previously released a collection of men’s shoes, including the “Trump” boots and the “Made In America” hats.

Trump has also criticized the retail giant for releasing its “Made American” logo and for the company’s decision to remove “Made By” and “Made With” logos from a number the hats.

“Mallers decision to pull the ‘Made By’ and ‘Made With’ logos from the #MadeByTrump hats is a slap in the face to workers everywhere,” Trump tweeted.

“Its a slap on the face of the American worker.

Its a slap to women.

Its an insult to all workers and our country.”

Trump’s tweets came just hours after a group of workers staged a walkout at Macy`s in protest of the company`s decision.

In a statement, Macy’s said it would no longer produce the “President Trump” hats and hats that it has released.

It also said it is “working to make sure that all of our merchandise is made with American workers, and that the President’s actions in office are fully reflected in the products we sell and the products that we manufacture.”

Trump has repeatedly said that he would “absolutely” sign the bill that passed the House on Tuesday, but the Senate has not yet taken up the measure.

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