What’s in store for women’s shoe designers in 2018?

The year 2018 is shaping up to be a very good one for women-owned shoe brands, according to a new report from the non-profit Women in Shoes, a division of the International Women’s Foundation.

The report, released Monday, found that sales of women’s footwear in 2018 are projected to grow by 5.4 percent, to $1.8 billion.

That growth is the highest for women of all sizes since 2008, according the report, which estimates that women will be spending $7.6 billion on footwear in 2019.

Women’s shoe sales in 2017 were projected to be $4.3 billion, but they are forecast to be worth $4 billion in 2019, with another $5.4 billion expected to be spent by 2020.

The Women in Boots brand will be on a big roll in 2019 with the release of the new women’s sneaker line, Women in Bikes, Women In Bags, and the new Women in Gear line.

But the report also highlights other female-owned footwear companies like the iconic womenswear company Temptalia, which has a women’s line called Womenswear.

Women are also buying men’s shoes like the Men’s Shoe Collection, which is made by Adidas and Nike.

The new Women’s Shoes women’s collection will be released in 2019 and the Women in Shoe collection is slated to be released later in the year.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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