‘Gorgeous’ Danskin Shoes Reveal Dancers’ Belly Shape, Dancers ‘Gift’

A few weeks ago, the designers behind the brand’s new collection of women’s heels had a bit of a surprise for fans of the “Dance Dance Revolution” brand, which was founded in 2002 by dancer and choreographer Julia Valkenburg.

The shoes were released this week, and in doing so, they revealed an incredible peek into the lives of dancers and performers, with a range of unique, feminine-inspired materials ranging from lace to faux fur.

The footwear, which comes in five colors (black, burgundy, burgandy, white, and dark gray), includes “Gorgeously Couture” prints on the toe cap, and also includes a leather heel panel with a “Glamorous Dancer” stamp on it.

The shoe, which is currently available for pre-order at Amazon for $130, is available for $75 on D&C’s website.

The D&C team says that the shoes were inspired by Julia’s own experience dancing on stage and in the film “The Dance Dance Revolution,” which features dancers in the iconic roles of Julia Valker and Annie Leonidas.

“Gangnam Style” and “Dancing With the Stars” are the two highest-rated shows on Dances With Style, so Julia’s style of “Gentle Dancers” and her own personal style have been heavily influenced by the two shows, D&Ch explains.

And since Julia’s experience dancing was so special and memorable, the design team decided to incorporate her style into the collection.

So it is with the heels.

The “Ginger” heel panel, which features a stamp on the heel to honor Julia’s famous “Gingers” look, is inspired by her own “Gustin” heel and “Grizzly” heel panels.

D& Ch says that Julia’s signature “Gangs” and other “Girlfriends” designs have also been incorporated into the shoes.

Julia’s work on “Growth” and in “The Golden Age” are featured prominently on the shoes, which also come in four different colorways.

“Dancers of Dixie” is featured in the heel panel and features “Giant, Glamorous and Glamourous” prints.

And in the “Gift” colorway, the heel panels feature “Gravy” prints that are also featured in Julia’s original work on the series.

Dances with Style was founded by Julia and fellow D&Champ founder and choreologist Emily C. Olesen, and the collection of shoes is part of their ongoing commitment to creating a collection of footwear that celebrates women’s style and inspires women to dance as a matter of life and art.

For more information about the D&CH women’s footwear collection, visit the brand website.

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