The women’s gorilla shoe made by Birkenstock is the best

Birkenstos women’s gorillas are known for their rugged style, and now they’re making their own gorilla shoes.

The shoes, which feature a pair of oversized boots, are now available in men’s sizes and women’s sizes.

The boots are made from a natural blend of bamboo and rubber, making them waterproof and shock resistant.

“The gorilla shoe is the ultimate accessory for women who are looking to express their natural style, whether it be as a runner or a sportive,” said Birkenstocks chief marketing officer Marissa Jovanovic.

“It’s not a fashion accessory, it’s a functional accessory.

It’s an extension of the women’s style and it’s made for a female who wants to look good, not just look good.”

The brand says the boots are “inclusive” for both genders, so they’re also great for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Women are the ones that are going to have to choose what they’re going to wear on the trail,” Jovanović said.

“We’ve made it to the point where you can pick the shoe that suits you.”

Birkenstock has made a few gorilla shoes before, but they’re made from bamboo and leather.

The company has a range of products for women, from a women’s black gorilla boot to a black and white gorilla shoe.

“Our female shoes are designed for women that are running, doing strength training, or just want a different look and a different style,” Jovanovic said.

Bamboo is a natural material used to make bamboo and is a good material for boots because it has a high quality and can be used to build the kind of boot that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.

“If you’re in a winter climate, you might want to choose something that is warmer because you can wear it in a warm environment,” Jović added.

“This is an ideal option for the winter season when you might be out running in a lot of cold weather, so it’s great for a winter outfit.”

In a warmer climate, like the winter, it might not be so ideal.

“Birkons new gorilla shoe will be available for pre-order in January.

For more fitness information, follow the News24 Women’s Fitness Facebook page and follow News24 on Twitter.

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