Girls’ Generation to debut ‘GIRL’ video with a new song, ‘The Return’

It seems like it could have been just another morning at the office.

The morning of the group’s debut song, “Girl’s Generation,” has been one of the most tumultuous in their careers.

On March 17, it was announced that the group was dropping a teaser video for the song’s lead single, “The Return.”

It’s the first teaser video since the group officially debuted the video for “GIRLL,” a song that they’ve been hinting at for years, and it seems that it was something of a shock to the group.

It wasn’t long before fans began to question the timing of the video, but the truth is that they’re still in the process of writing the song.

In fact, “girl” and “reunion” are still in use on the group video.

It seems that “Girl” and its title are still being written, but nothing has been officially announced.

The “Girl Returns” MV, which debuted on March 17 is already slated to release on April 15.

It’s no secret that the “Girl returns” MV is still being worked on.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the MV is currently being produced by Ailee.

She has worked on “Girl.”

The group is also reportedly currently working on their next single.

The group’s music videos for their previous songs “The Rise” and the song “Boyfriend” have been pretty well-received.

Both songs have received some critical acclaim, and they have been viewed over one billion times.

So while “GirlReturns” has been the most divisive song of the bunch, fans are still waiting for the group to officially debut the video.

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