How LeMons shoes and zig tech shoes will change the way you wear them

Posted April 02, 2018 06:13:46With the rise of smartwatches and smart shoes, women’s footwear brands are slowly moving away from their classic silhouettes.

Now, however, they’re starting to experiment with more interesting, new silhouettes, including the Z-tech shoes and womens zig technology shoes.

LeMons has been the face of women’s fashion for years, so it’s no surprise to see the brand continuing to experiment.

It’s now launching a range of womens zig-tech footwear in spring 2018, including leopard print leopard prints, grey leopard and black leopard.

This will be the first new leopard-print women’s shoe in more than a decade.

“Leopard prints are a way of creating something very different from traditional womens shoes,” said LeMon creative director, Hannah McDonough.

“It is more feminine and feminine-looking, with a higher contrast, so you can really see a bit more of the leopard on the shoe, rather than just a black or a grey.”

The shoes are made from a synthetic leather with a stretch mesh mesh upper that’s also a soft leather lining. “

The leopard, being a colour and the idea of colour is very important to us, and the colour is a way to create this very feminine-sounding, feminine-leaning shoe, and that’s something that we think we can make a really good difference to women’s look and our everyday wear.”

The shoes are made from a synthetic leather with a stretch mesh mesh upper that’s also a soft leather lining.

It uses a mesh upper for the lower leg and a leather midsole for the upper foot, as well as a stretch lace upper in the heel and heel cage for comfort.

“The midsole is made from an animal hide, which is not very sustainable, but the leather is a very sustainable material,” McDonoh explained.

“So it’s also really strong, it’s incredibly durable and it will last a long, long time.”

McDonough says that the leopards foot is very different to that of a modern womens shoe.

“They’re more of a flat footed animal,” she explained.

“But they do have a slightly different shape than a modern shoe, they have a more round and a slightly curved foot.

So that gives them more traction on the ground, they don’t have the toe of a normal shoe.

So they’re more comfortable on the foot, they feel a little more supportive.”

As part of the shoe’s design, the shoe uses leopard printed laces that are sewn into the upper and sole, giving the shoes a more feminine feel.

The leopard details are sewed onto the shoe with a black, white and grey fabric, with the black and grey patterning contrasting the shoes laces.

“We wanted to make sure that the laces weren’t just there to give a little bit of texture, it was something that really felt feminine,” McD said.

“We really wanted to have a different feeling to it.”

McD said the shoe was also inspired by the ziggy tech shoe, which has been on the market for a few years.

“Leopard print is so iconic to us as an aesthetic, so we wanted to take the technology and make it a little closer to the real thing,” she said.

“There’s a lot of innovation happening with technology, and this was definitely the one time that we really wanted our shoes to be inspired by technology,” Mcdonough continued.

“Our leopard design is an interesting example, it looks like a leopard but has a leopard print upper.

So it’s kind of a hybrid of technology and traditional leopard.”

Leopard-printed womens leopard shoes will retail for £1,595.

Leopard-peep womens footwear will retail at £1.295, while womens Z-Tech footwear will be £1.,995.

For more information, visit LeMones womens store at LeMans womens shop.

Leopard and Z-Technology shoe release dateThe LeMoss Z-toys will be released on April 15 and the LeMond Z-technology shoes will be available to pre-order from March 25.

Le-Mond has released the first batch of LeMoz Z-Toys in spring 2019, and these will be made with a special leather and leather-like material that will be very durable and will last for a very long time.

The Z-Trad sneaker is also set to release in spring.

“If you’ve been following the Le-Moz range, you’ve probably seen our first Le-Lor-Z-Tech Z-Train sneakers that were launched last year,” said McDonow.

“They are a totally different shoe

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