Which women’s shoe is right for you?

A recent survey found that while women’s footwear is getting increasingly popular with men, the trend is not universally embraced by women.

Women’s shoes are the most popular item of footwear for men, with men accounting for a whopping 51% of women’s sales.

And while men are increasingly becoming more interested in women’s clothing and accessories, the men’s shoe market is still largely dominated by men.

However, while the men are still overwhelmingly the primary shoppers of women-owned brands, women are also starting to purchase the majority of their footwear, according to the survey.

And the trend may not be a permanent one.

“There are still quite a few women-only shoes out there, and it’s not going to be as widespread as the men,” said the survey’s director, Laura Hirsch.

“But it’s getting more common.”

The Women’s Shoes for Men Survey is the largest ever undertaken on footwear sales in the U.S.

Hirsch said the reason women’s apparel has been growing faster than men’s footwear in the past year is due to a number of factors.

One of those is that women have increasingly become involved in the shopping process and want to make sure that they get what they want.

“We’ve seen a lot of women stepping in to fill these shoes and get them done and they’re making the decision to spend money on shoes that are actually for them,” Hirsch said.

In addition, the survey found women’s fashion is growing more conservative.

While overall women’s shopping patterns are generally more conservative than men, fashion trends are becoming more feminine.

Women are buying more women’s designer footwear than men are buying women’s men’s shoes.

The Women vs. Men survey found the following trends:Women are spending more money on men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories than on women’s items, while men’s items are trending more toward women’s brands.

Women’s fashion trends were trending toward more feminine styles and more feminine-looking shoes.

Hoskins said the trend for women to wear more feminine clothing is particularly noticeable in retail, with women’s purchases on store shelves increasing significantly.

“That is an indicator that there is an increased awareness that women are wearing feminine clothes and that there are more women buying clothes like skirts and dresses,” Hirshes said.

“That’s really been a big trend for the past several years, and I think that’s a very, very good sign.”

The trend is also an indication that there may be more women in the market.

“As we’ve seen in the men-only category, there is still a lot more female shopping, and we’re seeing more women purchasing products that are not for men,” Hirst said.

But not everyone is seeing that trend.

“Women’s shoes in general are still predominantly men’s,” said Heidi Rolf, the CEO of Rolf Shoes, which is a New York City-based company that sells women’s and men’s men and women’s accessories.

“I would be interested to see the trend that we’re talking about.

I’m also interested to know if that’s changing,” she said.”

A lot of it is just women not buying men’s brands because they have too much disposable income, and there’s definitely some pressure to wear a more feminine dress and look more feminine.”

Rolf said that she believes the rise in women buying men in women-specific shoes and apparel will not last forever.

“Men have to realize they’re not the only ones who are buying men, and that they’re also going to buy women’s products,” she explained.

“The next big step for men is to start selling women’s clothes, and as we’re looking at our business, that’s what we’re focused on.”

Hirsch agrees.

“You can’t make women’s goods in men’s sizes anymore, and you can’t sell women’s things anymore.

So I think it’s just going to continue to happen.

We’re not going anywhere,” she told Business Insider.”

It’s just a question of what’s the best strategy for them.

Is it a good strategy for women’s overall?”

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