Why some shoes are so good at staying put

Two weeks ago, a pair of trippens were spotted on the sidewalk by the Australian women’s shoe brand Belvedere.

The company’s latest model is called the Bzees, which is made from the same polyester as its classic Trippen range.

The shoes were spotted by fashion photographer Kate McEwan, who captured the images.

The brand’s slogan on the front is “Bzees are the perfect fit”.

“We’ve been working hard to make sure they’re perfect for women who wear their trippons in the summer,” Ms McEwen said.

“We know it’s a lot of work, but if you look at our online shop you can find that the women’s trippon line is now available in both men’s and women’s sizes.”

In a statement to ABC News, Belvede said the trippos were a good fit for “a broad range of women who want to have an all-day, comfortable shoe”.

It said the shoes were made from a polyester blend that was “totally safe for use on the human body”.

It also said it was the first time it had released a women’s size range.

“In our experience, most women wear trippins and we believe that most women can feel the difference, from feeling more flexible, to being able to wear them with comfort and style, without feeling like they’re wearing a shoe that needs to be washed or adjusted,” Belvedeces chief marketing officer, Sarah Tully, said in a statement.

“This range of tripps is designed to meet that need.”

Ms Tully said the range was aimed at women who wanted “a pair of sturdy trippin heels that are also stylish and durable”.

“They are perfect for working out, running, running at night, or just when you need to be in the office.”

Belvedre has been making women’s footwear since the 1960s, but the range has only recently expanded to include women’s and children’s sizes.

Ms Tilly said the company was confident the new size range would help increase sales of the range.

She said the size range also included the Belvedefans women’s range of shoes that was introduced in 2014.

“Our aim is to provide women with a range of products that will fit the most diverse of customers,” Ms Tillery said.

The new range of Belvedes trippains will be available to purchase at the Belveere online store beginning on March 24.

The women’s Trippin range was launched in 2016, with the company announcing a women size range for 2018.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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