I had to have my heels broken

When I was little, my mom had us wear pink sandals.

I remember that pink sandal, too, as being one of the first things I wore to school.

The sandals were the size of the toes, so I had them in a pair of white boots.

But after I started climbing, I became a bit picky about my shoes.

I don’t really like long shoes that are too big or too short.

I also don’t like long boots that are overly large or small.

I really like shoes that can fit in my foot, which is why I was surprised when my mom asked if I wanted a pink sandaled sandal.

She thought that the pink sandaling sandals looked like pink sandpaper and I could use them for climbing.

I’m glad I was able to have that opportunity to choose my shoes, but I didn’t feel like I could get my feet into the sandals with a big toe.

So when my friends told me about pink sandales, I figured they must be the same shoes my mom wore to climb.

I decided to try them on, and I was pretty impressed with them.

But then I was out for a walk and fell.

My shoes broke, and they had to be replaced.

It was a big shock to see my feet in the sandal being broken, but it was a huge relief to see the heels and sandals look different.

I had already gotten used to my new shoes, and even though my mom has the sandales on, I still use them.

So I don,t really wear them that much anymore, but if I do, I’m definitely not going to wear them as often as I used to.

In this photo, I have the sandaling shoes and my mom’s pink sandalled shoes.

They fit me great.

In the future, I plan to wear pink shoes instead of sandals, as I don’ t really want to get lost.

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