What is the world’s cheapest pair of men’s shoes?

Women’s shoes are one of the most popular purchases for most shoppers, but the price of the footwear can go up as much as 5,000% if you’re a woman.

Here are the top 10 lowest-priced women’s shoe brands.


Orthofeets (Men’s) Orthofeeets, the world leader in orthofet manufacturing, sells a range of products ranging from high-end sports shoes to casual shoes, and is based in Tel Aviv.

Orthopaedic shoes include knee braces, orthotics, orthos and orthotics for the back, elbow and wrist.


Ziggtech (Men) ZiggTech has been selling men’s and women’s orthopaedics since 1999 and is the main player in the Israeli orthopeds market.


Zegtech, Men’s ZegTech is an orthopod brand that offers high-quality orthoposes in a range and price range.


Yox Women’s Shoes (Men and Women) Yox has been in the men’s shoe business since the mid-1980s and it was acquired by the Israeli shoe company, Yox International.

The brand has an extensive range of women’s footwear.


Kegs, Men & Women KegS sells men’s footwear and accessories.

The company is based out of Tel Aviv and has branches in the United States, UK and Europe.


Kincaid Women’s Clothing (Men & Women) Kincay sells men and women-specific women’s clothing and accessories, such as shirts, hoodies, shorts and socks.


Kilo Women’s Footwear (Men, Women) The Kilo brand has been growing steadily in the Middle East and is focused on the Middle-East.

It has branches throughout the world.


Zigtech (Women) ZigTech, founded in 1997, has branches around the world and has a wide range of quality products, such a men’s orthopedics shoes, men’s boots, men shoes, women’s socks and men shoes for women.


Koox Women Shoes (Women, Men, Children) Koox is the flagship women’s brand of the Kilo Group.

It is based and owned by the Koox family.

Koogos shoes are among the best value in the market.


Zagtech Women’s Boots (Men only) ZagTech has branches all over the world, but it is based primarily in Tel Abyad, Israel.

It’s also the flagship men’s brand in Israel.

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